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Global Subway Dance Party

April 27th, 2009">" alt="YouTube Preview Image" />

After the success of our two previous Subway Dance Parties, we’re encouraging people to organize their own transit Dance Parties in cities around the world on June 13th, the same day as our annual(ish) event in Toronto. If you’ve got a subway system, or some form of mass transportation (Subway, Streetcar, Monorail, Trolley) then get involved and organize your own ride.

If you want to be the leader for your town’s ride, create a Facebook event and post a link to it in the comments below so we can promote it on this page!


Logo Competition

April 11th, 2009

Time to show us your skills!

Improv In Toronto is well on the way to becoming a leader in Toronto free and fun events. We have held Massive Waldo Searchs, Crazy Dance Partys, and Awkward No Pants Rides. All the while though, we’ve been missing something. We REALLY need a clear and defining LOGO. And you can give it to us!

The guidelines are quite open: make us something cool and classy that we can put up on our website, facebook group, and most importantly…ON T-SHIRTS! YAY.

Here’s the info you need:
We are called: IMPROV IN TORONTO
The short form is: IT

What do you get out of it? A free t-shirt, a $25 gift certificate, copious amounts of praise, as well as having your work shown all over the internet!

Any questions regarding the competition can be written in the comments section of this post, and will be answered immediatly.

All submissions* can be emailed to
[email protected]
*By submitting your work to us, you are giving us full use and control over the image.


Change Places

April 11th, 2009

For our latest mission we caused chaos and confusion, in a very considerate and planned way.

For our Change Places mission, we did exactly as the name states. 50 Agents entered the Eaton Centre foodcourt and spread out taking seats or making conversations. With all seeming calm and organized, “the mad-hatter” entered. Running into the middle of the foodcourt he would yell out “Change Places!” and then take off. Seconds later, random people who were previously sitting eating, would now be in a heated conversation with what would appear, a stranger!

Take a look at the video, and then continue reading for an in depth overview:

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Completed Missions

Subway Sing-along

April 4th, 2009

For our latest mission, we took the ever famous “I Love the World” Discovery Channel commercial, switched around the lyrics, and took it to the streets, err the subway. The video of the mission pretty much says it all:

YouTube Preview Image

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Completed Missions