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Change Places

April 11th, 2009

For our latest mission we caused chaos and confusion, in a very considerate and planned way.

For our Change Places mission, we did exactly as the name states. 50 Agents entered the Eaton Centre foodcourt and spread out taking seats or making conversations. With all seeming calm and organized, “the mad-hatter” entered. Running into the middle of the foodcourt he would yell out “Change Places!” and then take off. Seconds later, random people who were previously sitting eating, would now be in a heated conversation with what would appear, a stranger!

Take a look at the video, and then continue reading for an in depth overview:

If you havn’t guessed it yet, this idea was taken directly from the Alice in Wonderland movie. Think about it, a giant foodcourt, a crazy guy yelling change places, and our improv agents.

The day started perfectly with clear weather even though rain had been projected. We took our time and went over the different stages of the mission. Everyone got into groups five or six, these were their partners. Each group would be switching amongst themselves, continuing eachothers tasks. For instance person A takes the place of person B. Person B continues Person C’s task. Person C goes to Person D, etc, within each group.

This route created many hilarious scenarios. Many of which were not caught on film. We had a big break-up scene, a juggler, a stalker/stalked, a photoshoot, and much much more.

Alone these would have been funny, but the fact the person doing these tasks was in a constant state of change, made for some hilarious moments.

Overall security was alerted to our presence (not the first time), but had a hard time stopping us, as there wasn’t any specific issue or person to stop. We continued for a few more rotations, and then ended it with the mad-hatter yelling “DISPERSE”. We took off in random directions, leaving the crowd wondering what had just taken place.

Mission Accomplished!

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