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Improv Day

June 18th, 2010

Improv in Toronto and Impatient Theatre Co. are coming together to run a day full of fun and games. Come on out to Centre Island for a day of meeting new people and playing around.

This is bound to be a fantastic day. It’s a chance to meet-up with friends from previous events, as well as improv classes. Whether you know others going or not, this is an opportunity to get involved with an amazing community, and meet a ton of really cool people.

With that said, we’re keeping the organization to the minimum. We just want to hang out. And there is no better place to do it then Centre Island.

Be sure to bring along a soccer ball or football, cameras, beach clothes/chairs/blankets, as well as some food and drinks. We’re planning on having a couple barbecues going, but we will update that when we know for sure.

Anyways, just be sure to save the date: July 17!torontoislandmapsmall2

Cole Banning
Improv in Toronto

Kevin Patrick Robbins
Impatient Theatre Co.


* beach/park/picnic clothes
* sporty things (soccer ball, football, frisbee, softball, bat, glove)
* camera (still/video) to record the event
* food and drinks
* lawn chairs and/or picnic blankets
* umbrella (if it’s cloudy)
* bikinis and speedos


Adult fee: $6.50/person
Senior/Student (15-19 with a student pass): $4
Children: $3 (under 2 years: free)
Last ferries leave the island at 11-11:30-ish from three different places. http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island/summerschedule.htm

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