Thanks to all who submitted designs for our Logo Competition, over the past month. Though many exciting and stylish designs were entered, one submission stood apart from the rest. The winner, designed by Adrian Pawliszko, has been decided! Here is the new IT logo…


Thanks to all who took the time to design a logo for us! Your work is very much appreciated, and still may be put to use. As well, Adrian we need to award you your prize! So email us back!

You should slowly noticed our new logo popping up all over, including facebook, youtube, twitter and much much more!

Logo Competition

April 11th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Updates - (0 Comments)

Time to show us your skills!

Improv In Toronto is well on the way to becoming a leader in Toronto free and fun events. We have held Massive Waldo Searchs, Crazy Dance Partys, and Awkward No Pants Rides. All the while though, we’ve been missing something. We REALLY need a clear and defining LOGO. And you can give it to us!

The guidelines are quite open: make us something cool and classy that we can put up on our website, facebook group, and most importantly…ON T-SHIRTS! YAY.

Here’s the info you need:
We are called: IMPROV IN TORONTO
The short form is: IT

What do you get out of it? A free t-shirt, a $25 gift certificate, copious amounts of praise, as well as having your work shown all over the internet!

Any questions regarding the competition can be written in the comments section of this post, and will be answered immediatly.

All submissions* can be emailed to
[email protected]
*By submitting your work to us, you are giving us full use and control over the image.

No Pants! Subway Ride Report

January 11th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Updates - (0 Comments)


The second annual No Pants! Subway Ride, was a blast this Saturday in Toronto. We had great turnout of around 300 people, meaning we had more than 3 times the amount from last year! We met up at Queens Park in the ridiculous temperature of -9 and quickly dispersed into six groups. Each group was assigned a car they would be getting on.

If you were there, leave us an agent report in the comments. We’d love to hear any memorable moments, quotes, or comments. As I’m sure everyone had a unique experinece. We should have a complete report with pictures up in a week or so. For now, enjoy the flickr sets from our official photographers:

Agent Leschinski’s Set
Agent Brum’s Set
Agent Robb’s Set


Thanks to everyone who came out to participate! If this was your first event, make sure you are on the Improv In Toronto Mailing List so you’ll find out about upcoming missions.  You can also join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Toronto’s 2nd Annual No Pants! Subway Ride will take place on Saturday, January 10. More info about the meeting point and start time will be posted to this site later on this month. For now, save the date.

And to make sure you don’t forget, join the facebook event: No Pants! Subway Ride

The No Pants! Subway Ride is annual event staged by Improv Everywhere, every January in New York City. This event has now become a global phenomenon, with the mission being preformed all over North America in past years.

The mission is simple, agents get onto a subway car wearing no pants, just there boxers or underwear. They act like everything is normal, and just sit quitely reading the newspaper or listening to music. If asked about why they are not wearing pants, they DO NOT admit the truth. They will say things like “Oh, I just forgot my pants…” or “It didn’t feel cold enough to wear pants today”.

To read more about Improveverywhere’s No Pants! Subway Rides continue here.

The mission baffles the thousands of subway riders, and gives everyone a chance to fulfill there lifetime dream; riding a subway with no pants on!