Come out and participate in Canada’s Biggest Water Fight! Your chance to relive your childhood memories!

When: Saturday August 23rd at 2pm
Where: Trinity Bellwoods Park – southwest side of park (just east of the community centre)
Please help us spread the word, as the more people who come out, the more fun this event is going to be. Come alone, or with a team and prepare for (water) battle!

By attending you will also have a chance to win a Nerf Prize package!


This event is brought to you by Improv in Toronto, with the help of Crowdtilt, Nerf, and HTOTOGO water trailers. Be sure to join our mailing list, as it is the only way to ensure you hear any added details about this event or future events:

Thank you to everyone who came out to our fifth annual scavenger despite the bad weather! We had a great time running the event, and we really do hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We were sure this years list was the hardest we have ever come up with, and yet you guys delivered!

With all that said, we are still looking to improve the hunt for future years, if you have any comments or suggestions please fill out this form.

If this was your first time attending an Improv in Toronto event, we run events like this all throughout the year.
Every event is free, fun, and a chance to step a little bit outside your comfort zone.
Feel free to join our mailing list on the right side of the page and/or our facebook page. 

1. Team Name 1 – 89
2. Bill Murray Would Like…Us – 88.5
3. Rubber Ducky Racers – 87
4. Zoo Awesomeness – 83
5. Readings Rainbow – 82.5
6. Do It Have Fun – 81
7. Zinr – 80
7.Winners – 80
9. Dreadlocks for Sale – 78
10. French Toast – 76
10. Fish Stickey – 76
12. Looking 4 the Booty – 75
12. Moo Moo – 75
14. Algebraic – 74.5
14. Team Human Centipede – 74.5
16. Rockin’ Stylists – 74
17. Ninja Hunt – 73
18. Team Haiku – 72
18. Coolest – 72
18. Butt Stallions – 72
21. Dream Team – 71
21. B-52 – 71
21. Non-descript – 71
24. The B Sharps – 70
24. Bubble Butt “W” – 70
26. The Misfits – 68
26. Team Crazy Hats – 68
26. Abi – 68
29. F-6 – 67
30. Uninvited Professional – 64
30. X-Men: The Brotherhood – 64
32. Team Name – 63.5
33. Team Banana Team – 63
34. A Really Cool Hat – 62
34. The Good Scavengers – 62
36. Badgalriri and the Honeys – 60.5
37. Team Name – 60
37. Janet “Gadot” Eyans – 60
39. The Ninja Turtles – 59
39. The Scavengers – 59
39. Tean ECEMINNA – 59
39. The Mojo – 59
43. Danger Zone – 58.5
43. TURD – 58.5
43. Smarties – 58.5
46. Not Fast, But Furious – 57
46. Team Awesome – 57
48. Power Rangers – 56.5
49. Team High Five – 55
49. S-capers – 55
51. Blue Lagoons – 53.5
52. Fuck Boys – 51.5
53. Team Else – 51
54. Sista Wives – 50.5
55. Teemo – 50
56. Kinky Walrus – 49.5
57. PecPec – 49
57. #where’ssteve? – 49
57. Team Umbrella – 49
60. The Kool Kids – 46
61. I Swear His Name Was Steve- 45.5
62. Fuck Ya Squirrels – 44.5
63. SESTMAC – 44
63. Broken Beer Bottles – 44
63. No-longer-teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles – 44
63. Juggalo Master – 44
67. Bumble Beezzz – 43
67. A Gal and Three Fellas – 43
69. JJ Jade – 40.5
70. DAT TEAM THO – 40
71. Highway of Heros – 39
72. I’m Sorry – 38.5
73. San’s Soldiers – 38
74. Sailor Scouts – 36
74. Unicorns – 36
74. The Tofu Fighters – 36
77. VZLA – 35
78. Circle K – 30
79. Vipers – 28
79. Meaghan and the Shorties – 28
81. Alpha Wolf Squadron – 27.5
82. The Mad Hatters – 22.5

If we accidentally got your team name or score wrong please send us an email so it can be corrected.

Toronto Scavenger Hunt 2014

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Come out and participate in our largest event, and Toronto’s largest annual scavenger hunt!

Every year we work very hard to create the single best scavenger hunt out there, and this is our fifth year doing it. We are incredibly excited to see this years event take place! Please help us spread the word, as the more people who come out, the more fun this event is!

The Details:

When: Saturday, May 3rd from 1:00 PM – 5:00PM
Where: Nathan Phillips Square
What to bring: A backpack, a metro-pass/day-pass, something to take digital pictures with, and about $10 for certain tasks.
Wear: Comfortable clothing, and running shoes. Additionally we will be awarding a prize for the best team costume this year!
RSVP: If you use Facebook please let us know you are attending on our event, otherwise just show up!

Prizes are still to be announced. There will be prizes for the first place team, AND for the best team costume!

**Please contact us if any individuals or companies would like to support us by offering up prizes/sponsoring the event. It is a free event, so prizes/donations really are appreciated:

How The Events Works:

We will be meeting up at Nathan Phillips Square (north side of skating rink) at 1pm. Feel free to be early. Don’t be late!

We will be creating teams of 6-8 people, each with their own team name. If you come alone, we’ll be sure to find you a group, and if you come with friends, don’t worry you can stay with them! Groups can be smaller than 6 (if people want), but no bigger then 8.

The scavenger lists will then be handed out, as well as posted online. The list will contain tons of activities found throughout the downtown core. You will be tasked to complete challenges, find obscure items, solve puzzles, find answers, and take silly pictures. Some will be easy, and others will be quite challenging

You will have a max of two hours to search. With bonus points awarded if you return early. We will be meeting back up at Nathan Phillips Square to tally the points.

Let the scavenge begin!


We are always in desperate need of volunteers! Over the years we have cut down the wait time for teams to be judged dramatically, thanks in large part to volunteer support. If you are interested, please email

Upcoming: Gifts for Strangers 2013

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Gifts for Strangers, is a world-wide cause to spread kindness and goodwill around the world. The concept is as simple as it seems, we hand out gifts to random strangers.

We started Gifts for Strangers here in Toronto 3 years ago, last year 33 cities around the world joined us. This year we hope to improve that number, by spreading the movement to even more cities across the world.

One should never underestimate the power of kindness. Like a flame, kindness can spread from one person to another. Changing the world, as if by storm.

To get a better idea of how the event works, check out this video from one of the previous GFS: for Strangers


When: December 21, 2013 at 1pm
Where: Nathan Phillips Square
What to bring: Gifts! (see below)
What we do: Give gifts to strangers!
Why: It is common for us to become centered on spending money and time with the people we know and love during the holiday season. We’re going to ask you to switch that up, and to put some time into brightening a strangers day. Because not everyone has that family member or friend to go to during the holiday season.


More information:

The event is pretty self explanatory, we ask you to either make gifts or buy affordable presents. Spend whatever you think is reasonable. The more important part, is thinking about what type of gift would make you smile, and bringing that to life. Then we’ll be giving these gifts to random strangers.

Your gifts could be something you create, like visual art, a poem, or a mix CD. Or a something you owned or purchased for relatively cheap, like a yo-yo, teddy bear, or a good book. Just remember, be creative, and make it personal!

Wrap each present individually! Along with each gift, we ask you to write a personal card. Write a heart-felt message. Something honest and open. And make sure to include “From one stranger to another, Happy Holidays”.

Make as many gifts as you like. And keep track of what is in each one. So that you can hand it out to the right age/gender/type of person.

Everyone is invited to participate in Improv In Toronto’s 7th Annual Subway Dance Party.

This is a silent dance party on the subway.

Please bring your OWN MUSIC on an ipod, mp3 player, walkman or what have you. NO BOOMBOXES (these are illegal on the subway)

When we get on the subway we will start dancing one by one, until the whole train is dancing (seemingly to no music).

Last years Subway Dance Party:

All the information you need is below. Please read it all so this can be pulled off without any problems!

Requirments For Participation:
1) Willing to dance on the subway
2) Pretend you don’t know what’s going on
3) If ANYONE asks you to stop, listen to them. Whether it be a group leader, ttc employee, or passenger.
4) Have fun

When: Saturday, June 29th at 3:00 pm, Sharp! (Over by around 5:00pm)
Directions: Queens Park – (Walk directly south from Museum Station until you reach a statue of a horseman on a hill).
Bring: Subway fare and a portable music player

How it works:
We will assemble by the Horseman Statue in Queens Park at 3 PM. Please be on time. Feel free to be early. After all participants have arrived we will be splitting everyone into groups. Each group will be getting on there own subway car.

Once ready, six groups (one group per car) at a time will head to their stated subway station. Do not talk to others once you enter the subway system. No one knows each other. You will then wait for a train to arrive going south, and all board your assigned cars (follow your team leader). We may let one train go before entering to make sure everyone is ready.

Sit in the car as you normally would. Put your headphones in, and get your music ready. From this point, you will have been told when to join in. We stagger the number of people joining the dance, so it builds in excitement, and looks like random strangers are joining it.

If anyone asks you why you’re dancing, tell them that “you just felt like joining in” or “you are on your way to a dance tryout” (or something along those lines, be original!). Please be considerate that other people are commuting. We’re trying to spice up their day, and give them something to laugh at, not annoy them.

We will exit the train at Eglinton Station. Pay attention so you don’t miss this stop. Upon arriving we’ll completely stop dancing and walk off the train like nothing happened. We will repeat the mission back going south. This time taking it all the way around the loop to Museum Station.

If you’d like to meet up and talk about the mission, we’ll meet back up at the ROM for more fun times, and dancing.

As always this is going to be a lot of fun, it’s exciting how many people participate every year. You may bring along friends, but make sure to invite them to this event, so they get a chance to read all of these instructions.

If you would like to volunteer as a group leader please email us at – The help is truly appreciated.

Literal Blind “Date”

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In this day in age, it’s easy to have first impressions based off of someone else’s physical appearance. The way they look, the way they carry themselves, the way they dress, we’re a society based around this norm.

And at Improv in Toronto, we always like to push these social norms, just to see what will happen.

On a beautiful April weekend, we gathered up willing participants in a park, sat them across each other at a nice patio set and allowed them to just talk… the only the catch was, they couldn’t see each other.

Like most first date, our participants struggled to come up initial topics of conversation. Small talks, such as  the weather and what they were currently up to the moment before they got recruited for our little social experiment, were thrown around to get something started.

But as the “date” went on, the topics started to flow more freely, and connections started to be made.  By the end, each and every single participant was shocked to hear when we alerted them that they had thirty seconds left to go.

Curious observation, when we told the participants that they were free to leave, there was not a single person who did not want to look through the curtain to put a face to voice they have been mysteriously conversing with. We here at Improv in Toronto hope that one day, a pair of friends would have a great story to the question:

“So, how did you two meet?”