Upcoming: Best Busker Ever

January 19th, 2012 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Upcoming Missions

Best Busker EverEveryone is invited to attend! We are going to
sing as a mass crowd, all to one unsuspecting person. Creating a moment that for the rest of their life, they will never forget. Here’s how:

FIRST: Listen to the song we’ll be singing:

Imagine this. A man, standing by himself guitar in hand. Beside him sits a sign advertising that he’s singing personalized songs. Walking by, random unsuspecting people, ask for a song.

He begins singing. Using their name he mentions how they’ve just met, and how cool they seem, etc.

As he starts singing someone joins in with a ukelele. And then another person joins, and another. And then some backup singers. And then a whole band. And it just grows and grows until everyone in the area is singing a personalized song to this one person.

We want you to be a part of it! Help sing, or play an instrument, or just blowing a kazoo. Doesn’t matter if you have no musical talent. The whole idea is to have as many people as possible singing to this one surprised person!

NOTE: We will be REHEARSING the song and PERFORMING all on the same day. Please be on time.

When: March 3rd. 12pm-5pm
Where: Nathan Phillips Square
RSVP: Facebook

How you can help make this amazing:
1) Show up! EVERYONE can sing.
2) Learn the song! (Lyrics: http://soundcloud.com/improvintoronto/best-busker-ever-group)
3) If you are skilled at an instrument bring it along!
4) Spread word to anyone and everyone.
5) If you know any choirs, marching bands, orchestras, musicians, singers, bands, school choirs, etc; help them get in contact with us!


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