Finish Line Marathon

December 15th, 2008 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions

For our most recent mission, 20 agents met up downtown with one huge finish line, Canadian flags, a cowbell, and a load of team spirit! We then set it up in front of random strangers to see how they would react! Would they stop and stare? Or just try to ignore us? Or maybe even if we’re lucky, sprint to the finish!?

The mission was quite simple, our team arrived downtown with flags, noisemakers, a cowbell and of course our huge finish line banner. Once everyone was briefed on the mission we quickly made our way to a crosswalk where we set up on one side of the street. To start off, we decided we would see how people would react to a simple race. As people waited to cross the street we set up the finish line on the opposite side. Slowly the time counted down for them to cross the street. As the light went to walk, people began to cross, but no one stared to run. Many looked at us wondering what was going on, and lots cracked smiles but no one dared to sprint. They continued across the street, walking under the sign as they got to us. Many held up there hands in victory, but we weren’t satisfied.


We waited for the next light, and set up for the next group. Once again the light counted down for the race to begin. As it turned to go, this time two guys took off towards us. They raced towards the finish with huge smiles on there faces, and even shook hands after the race. With one real race behind us, we got Agent Michaela to help give the strangers a nudge. We had her cross the street and engage some people. She would push them into racing her, saying anything to convince them to take her on. Now with competition people had no problem racing, though once they neared the finish Agent Michaela would pull out letting the participant win the race.

Once we were satisfied with our efforts at the crosswalk, we closed the sign up and continued down the street. Away from the intersection we now had less traffic on the sidewalk, which served our purposes perfectly. We walked along acting as normal as possible. And then seemingly at random, a sign would appear in front of strangers with a crowd cheering them to run. Many thought they had accidentally gotten mixed up in a marathon, and would look behind them for the runners. But eventually we got them to realize it was THEM we were pointing at, and so they would take off towards us hoping to come in first. And lucky for them, everyone comes in first as long you take the initiative to run. Everyone who crossed finish in our sprint received a 1st Place certificate.

We continued along the street surprising all different people, until we arrived at the City Hall ice rink. There we got a great reception from everyone who was there. Parents raced there kids, brothers against sisters, husbands against wives, and Agent Michaela even convinced an older gentleman to take her on. We heard many comments from people who raced, some of which were “This just made my day”, “Who are you guys!” and “This was just great”. We even surprised to people on vacation from Italy, convincing them to race against each other.

Finally we finished the race at Dundas Square in the centre of the intersection. Every time the four way walk signal went; our whole group ran out into the centre of the intersection. Anyone trying to cross the middle had no choice but to finish the race. And none could help smiling when we cheered them on as they crossed the finish.

It was a long day for all of us. Normally no one would want to spend 2 hours in the freezing cold. But we had a great time together and managed to make a couple other peoples days.

Mission Accomplished!

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