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December 5th, 2009 | Posted by Cole in Completed Missions

A giant game of clue, played throughout the whole of the Eaton Centre, it doesn`t get much better. Participants were asked to search all throughout the Eaton Centre for the six suspects. Upon finding them they were required to complete a task and then they would be given a clue. All six clues would together people able to give the information needed on who murdered Mr. Boddy. Check out the video above first, and then continue reading for the full report.

Taking simple and child-like games, has become somewhat of a tradition for Improv in Toronto. After running a giant game of Where`s Waldo last year, we decided it was best to follow that up with another mystery related game, Clue! So on a busy Saturday, the clue characters ended up in another bloody mystery. Which could only be solved by the various detectives who showed up to help us solve the crime.

The detective waiting for the first to solve the mystery

As the mission began we had no idea how many participants would be arriving. It soon became apparent that there were hundreds, as you  continually noticed people of all ages running around with little notepads. They were all in search of our six suspects.

Professor Plum was located near Indigo

Ms. White was near Shoppers Drug Mart

Ms. Peacock outside of Sears

Col. Mustard right in the food court

Mr. Green in front of the Apple Store

Ms. Scarlett right near H&M

Participants attempt to solve their clues

As the six suspects were found, and their clues given out. The atmosphere in the Eaton Centre became more and more intense. You could tell everyone seemed to be getting very close to the answer, but just didn`t quite have all the info they needed.

One detective attempts figure out the murderer

As the time went by, people finally began approaching the detective with the answer. Many came up quite confident, declared their answer, and were turned away. It seemed many thought they could just guess their way to the right answer without all the proper clues. People were obviously getting closer to knowing though,.

The first to solve the mystery! Took them almost exactly 30 minutes.

Finally we got the right answer, and with a solemn expression our detective thanked the participants for their help. They then received their own version of the Clue Board Game and lollipops for their efforts. Not seconds after they had been awarded a second group which had been brainstorming an answer nearby, came flying towards the detective with the answer. Though disappointed at how close they came to first, they took their second place prize and lollipops with smiles on their faces.

15741_200283226018_501896018_3944626_7503187_nMore and more people solve the mystery

Soon enough the numbers who had solved the mystery increased in volume. Both groups and individuals were coming from all sides with what they believed was the answer. More than seventy groups of people came over that next hour and correctly answered our mystery.

Some participants are congratulated for their efforts

Each group that solved the Clue Game got a handshake for their help, a lollipop, and most importantly a dose of good fun. The mission was a great success, with a huge number of exciting moments. We seriously hope we can live up to it next year with whatever type of Real Life Game we decide to run!

One amazing group created their own magnifying glasses!

For those of you who were not able to solve the mystery, or maybe were unable to come to the event. You are probably wondering who the murderer was! Instead of  giving away the answer and ruining the fun, I will leave you with the six clues that were given out, to give you the reader the chance to solve the mystery!

Mr. Green: I’ve known Ms. Peacock for years, she’s not lying. And I know for sure the murder weapon wasn’t the trophy, I’ve been watching it all day.

Ms. Peacock: I remember, the weapon was a coat hanger or golf club.  And I know for sure the murder didn’t happen in a clothing store (Abercrombie, H&M, Le Chateau?),

Col. Mustard: I’m certain the murder was done with either a coat hanger or ski pole, it looked like a vicious cut. Plus I saw Professor Plum sneaking around by himself, it was him.

Prof. Plum: While walking around I saw someone with some bloody sports equipment, a golf club or ski pole, was the weapon. And I was reading all day in Indigo, so I know it didn’t happen there.

Ms. Scarlett: I could hear the scream from over here. So it couldn’t have been way up at the Apple Store. And it for sure wasn’t done with a rope.

Ms. White: I saw the murder happen either in the Apple Store or HMV, but I don’t remember which. And I couldn’t tell if the murderer was wearing Yellow or Blue…


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