Foam Sword Battle

September 8th, 2012 | Posted by KenB in Completed Missions

Brandish thy foam swords! Unsheathe thy fully-automatic Nerf machine guns! Try as we might, no amount of archaic language can bring elegance to the pandemonium that was the Foam Sword Battle of 2012.

Despite the name of the event, we welcomed foam weapons of all sorts, including Nerf guns. We encouraged participants to wear costumes and we were not disappointed by the number of people donning the garbs of fabled heroes and characters from video games, comic books, and the like. We employed a variety of game styles such as zombies and capture the flag to test the mettle of swordsmen and gunners alike.

Many fallen soldiers and well-deserved victories later, the battle had ended, but not without the new-found camaraderie among all those involved.

Photos to be posted shortly!

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