Improv in Toronto is about:
Creating community
Fun for the sake of fun
Reclaiming public space
Breaking the social mold
Doing good things just because
Surprising and confusing the public
Social experiments to see how people react
And most importantly, brightening peoples days

We are a free, non-profit, public, urban, event-running group. We’re a lot of fun things bundled into one.

We’re all about bringing the community together. Meeting new friends, trying new things, and enjoying the city we live in. We do this by running both large and small public games, events and pranks to shake up peoples day.



 More Specific Questions:

How do I sign up to participate?

The best ways to stay involved is to join our facebook group, and mailing list.

Is there an age-limit to participating?

Improv In Toronto missions are always open to all ages. With that said, we suggest that anyone under the age of 18 have their parent’s permission to participate.

I am visiting Toronto. Is there a mission happening when I’m there?

If you’re planning to be in the GTA, join the our mailing list and you’ll be notified if there is anything going on. Once you leave, you can easily unsubscribe from the list after your trip. Also keep an eye on our site for our annual events (No Pants, SDP, Scavenger Hunt)

I have an idea for a mission for you guys. Do you want to hear it?

Yes! Many of our great ideas come from  people who email us. Feel free to email us your ideas. Contact us here. There’s really no harm in sending one in. It may wind up being the inspiration for our next great mission.

How did it start?

Improv In Toronto has a very confusing and interesting history. The entity originally came into existence through the inspiration of Improv Everywhere, back in January 2008. Using a website known as the Urban Prankster Network, we began collaborating and thinking of ideas for missions. From that point as we began holding events, the organization changed leadership, and went through many drastic changes. Despite all the change we have remained alive and active, and plan to continue our stay in Toronto for years to come.

Who makes up Improv in Toronto?

Improv in Toronto is based entirely around a group of volunteers.

How can you call it “improv”? Some of your missions are clearly pre-planned!

We are not claiming that everything we do is improv. The name reflects our idea of taking the skill of improv acting, and bringing it to life in public places. We stay in character at all costs and interact with members of the public with no script beyond the mission’s idea. We have no clue how people are going to react to us, and that is where the improvisation comes in. Sometimes people misread our URL as “Improve Toronto.”and in some ways it is a good example of what we try to do.

Aren’t these flash mobs?

Sometimes. While some of our missions may have certain similarities to a flash mob (large numbers of people appearing in a public place and then disappearing suddenly), we really try not to do anything similar to flash mobbing. Some missions use just a few folks while others might use hundreds, depending on the idea and depending on how many people show up to participate.

I live somewhere other than Toronto, can you help me do something similar in my area?

Those interested in participating in Improv Everywhere-style events in their own city should join The Urban Prankster Network. There is probably already a local “IE-inspired” group created there for your city. Join it and get involved.

I’m a journalist. Can I come to your next mission and cover it?

Send us an email with the details, and we will discuss the possibility.

Can you do a prank that draws attention to my cause?

Send us an email with the details, and we will discuss the possibility.

I work for a brand / marketing firm / advertising agency, can we hire you?

Send us an email with the details, and we will discuss the possibility.