Change Places

April 11th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions

50 Agents entered the Eaton Centre food court and spread out taking seats or making conversations. Based off of Alice in Wonderland, then had “the mad-hatter” enter. Running into the middle of the food court he would yell “Change Places!” and then take off. At that exact moment, our agents would stop what they were doing and swap places, with another agent.

The day started perfectly with clear weather. We took our time and went over the different stages of the mission. Everyone got into groups five or six. Each group would be switching amongst themselves, continuing each others tasks. For instance person A takes the place of person B. Person B continues Person C’s task. Person C goes to Person D, etc, within each group.

Once everyone was ready and the scenes had been decided on, we headed into the mall, taking our places.

The scenes started out, seemingly normal. Two friends talking, or group of friends eating lunch. Came the Mad Hatter

Each time he ran out, the whole food court looked. And as he yelled out “Change Places!” chaos ensued.

Mission Accomplished!

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