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December 18th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions

Through running Improv in Toronto, we constantly hear about loads of interesting events happening around Toronto. This has led us to create another blog, specifically to list all the great happenings in Toronto:

Toronto Happens is the newest and greatest blog for anyone in Toronto. It is constantly updated with interesting, fun and mostly free events happening around Toronto. We truly hope you can put it to use, so you do not miss anymore of the must attend events!

Though the site is fully functioning, and already getting a good amount of use, we’re still looking for help!

1) We need bloggers! If you are someone who hears about fun things happening in Toronto, we want your help! Whether the events you hear about all crazy different or if they are specific to one industry, the extra bloggers will help this site become a success. You won’t be required to post about events regularly, but if you hear about something fun, you’d be able to post it directly to the site.

2) We need contributors! If you know about events happening in Toronto, tell us! Whether it is one run by you, or someone else is irrelevant. We just want to make sure we know about all the best things for people to participate in, on any given week. So if you hear about an event, make sure we hear about it too!

To contact us regarding either of these, just send an email through our contact form.

(Hopefully this will be the last time I mention TH – just want to give it a kickstart)

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