No Pants! Subway Ride 2010

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The Toronto No Pants Subway Ride took place on Sunday, January 10th for the 3rd year running. All 350 participants took of their own pants and got onto the subway in only their underwear. Check out the video of the event, and then continue below to read more about it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the No Pants Subway Ride, it is quite simple. Once on the subway, one by one participants will take of their pants and place them in their back pack. At first they get weird looks, and a lot of people laughing at them. Each stop more and more participants begin taking off their pants.

This year we had a great turnout of 350 people, and met in the usual location of Queens Park. Once everyone had arrived, we quickly went over the details.

17053_1169448170124_1645560122_30497089_1166263_nAgent Banning goes over the basics

Once everyone had been briefed we quickly headed out to Museum Station.

The crowd begins heading out

Musuem Station just before we take it over

Riders than got onto the cars acting as they would on any normal day. After taking theirs seats, the real fun began. As each riders assigned stop arrived, the pants are finally taken off.

20100111nopantsttc15One of the first riders to de-pants

56384706-93397262c773764d4e14a1ca80082eb6.4b526446-scaledAnother of the first to take of his pants

The now pant-less riders get off the subway, and get onto the one behind it.

Riders enter the train pant-less

The pantless riders then enter the new subway car acting as if nothing at all is wrong, to the shock of all the other commuters.

56390010-2674d9b911257b848dacad5335a1ea94.4b526439-scaledOne rider reads a book casually

More and more pant-less riders continue getting on the train, until it becomes flabbergasting for many commuters.




With so many pantless riders, we had a number of themed costumes!

One of three in a business suit

56402117Lady dressed in pearls and all white

Finally upon arriving at Eglinton Station we then all got off, and switch trains to go southbound again.


The ride back was just as hilarious as the ride up, with tons of hilarious conversations and experiences.

The event was a huge success, with tons of great experiences. As always, we had a great time running it, and look forward to having an even better No Pants Ride next year!

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