You know those choreographed dances on TV and the internet… where someone breaks out into a dance, people join and join until the whole place is jumpin’.

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Well, your time is now, Improv in Toronto is hosting it’s very own choreographed dance! And we’re inviting you, good ol’ citizens of Toronto, to join in the fun! Confirm you can come on the facebook event!

What we require you to do:
1. Learn the dance moves (will be posted on YouTube on October 15th)
2. Come to the dress reharsal (Oct 30th -> 6-8pm, location TBD
3. Show up for the event! (Oct 30th -> 9:30pm, @ Dundas Square)

When: Friday, October 30th at 6:00 PM, Sharp!
Where: First we will be meeting for the rehearsal. The location of this has not been determined yet, so hold tight. After the rehearsal we will have a break, and will then meet up at Dundas Square for the actual performance.
Bring: A penlight/flashlight/light source that can turn off
Wear: Dressed in black

Note: If you plan on coming to the actual dance. You must be at the rehearsal.

How it works:
The Rehearsal will be held the day of the event, only a couple hours prior. Our choreographers will be going over the full routine with the group, and we will run through it a couple times.

We will then have an hour and half break, in which participants can get something to eat, hang out, and make their way to Dundas Square for 9:30pm.

The main event will be done while CTV is doing their live feed for their newscast. Also, this will be filmed for an upcoming TV show we’ve been helping out on! So if you like lights, cameras and dancing, come out!

The dancing and fun times will continue after the actual dance ends. Everyone is invited for a large after-party once the event ends, in Dundas Square. Beverages and snacks will be served, a DJ will be playing and some prizes will be given out! So stick around, and chill out with your new found friends!

Please join and invite all of your friends! You won’t want to miss this =)

Facebook Event Page

Spotlight on the Red and White

September 14th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions - ()

This past Saturday, Improv in Toronto had one of their largest event ever. At around 2pm, a small car was stopped by some very tough looking bodyguards on bloor street.

The next eight minutes were just a blast.

If you happen to witness the event, we would love to hear from you and your stories, either as a participant or as a bystander. Comment on this thread so you can share your viewpoints to the world!

Algorithm March

September 11th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions - ()

The Algorithm March is a song with an associated dance based on the Japanese children’s television series PythagoraSwitch. The song itself is a round, with one voice singing a line and another voice echoing that same line shortly after, continuing until the song ends. The dance follows the same pattern.

Done on PythagoraSwitch, the dance is the focus of a whimsical and entertaining skit. Done in the middle of Toronto’s Kensington Market with onlookers not having a clue what they’re seeing, that’s another story. Many looked on with perplexed gazes, maybe even fear, while others were amused and even applauded at the end.

Scroll down to watch us perform the Algorithm March.

Pink Bra Flash Mob

September 11th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions - ()

On August 26th, 2009, we showed our support for breast cancer patients, survivors, and researchers by showing—ahem—a different kind of support. We stormed through Dundas Square wearing pink bras and carrying posters and brochures to help spread the word on breast cancer awareness. And yes, both women and men were involved.

Watch the video below for pink lingerie, confused reactions, some smiles, and even some interesting choreographed dancing.

Subway Dance Party 2.5

September 11th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions - ()

We decided that instead of having our two major subway events in the winter (The other being the No Pants Subway Ride) we would move the Subway Dance Party to later in the year. Unfortunately we had already had this years Subway Dance Party and you can’t have an annual event twice in a year.

Or can you? Instead of waiting a year and a half for the next Subway Dance Party we decided to have a continuation of the winter event.

Improv in Toronto NEEDS you!

August 29th, 2009 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Updates - ()

Recently, Improv in Toronto has been contacted by a TV network, they’re coming into town for the Toronto International Film Festival and they love what we do.

They want to shoot one of our missions during the festival, and that is where we need YOU! Fans of Improv in Toronto! You might get the chance to be on TV!

Basically, we’ll be rolling out our own Red Carpet during the Festival, with our own stars and reporters, with you all being the crazy fans we need to attract the attention of the festival to make this huge.

Check out the facebook event, HERE

When: Saturday, September 12th around 1:45-4pm
Where: Meet at the park near Bay Station
What to wear: Red and white
What to bring: Flags, pen and paper to get signatures, camera’s and whatever you think a crazed fan would bring!