Repeat Customer

November 28th, 2008 | Posted by Improv in Toronto in Completed Missions - ()

One agent enters a downtown Starbucks. They buy a drink, then leave. After they have left another agent will enter, dressed exact same. They will act out the EXACT same routine, buy the same drink, etc. Then leave. This sequence will repeat every 3 minutes.

To begin the mission, we staked out the Hero Burger across the street, for our base camp.

Each agent would cross the street, act out the predetermined routine, and then return.

1)Enter Store
2)Get into line.
3)Drop hat by accident just before it is your turn
4)Ask if the the Vanilla Latte is good.
5)Order it with whipcream
6)In the middle of the order you are interrupted by a phone call.
7)Apologise for the interruption
8)Thank the employee nicely.
8)Pick up drink when it is done being made
9)Ask where the milk and sugar are
10)Notice a placed agent, and walk over and exclaim you havn’t seen them in years.
11)Ask where the the placed agent where the subway station is.