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2nd Annual Subway Dance Party

January 19th, 2009

Improv In Toronto’s 2nd Annual Subway Dance Party will take place on Saturday, February 21. More info about the meeting point and start time will be posted later on this month. For now, save the date.

The Subway Dance Party is exactly what it sounds like. We dance on the subway! But we have a twist, it is done silently:

Everyone attending the mission brings there mp3 player or ipod loaded full with fun dance music, and then we all sit around the subway inconspicuously. Once everyone is ready, one person will stand up a begin to dance, then another, etc. We’ll stagger people joining in over the next couple stops so that to the people on the subway it seems completely random and unplanned. As far as they can tell, we all just felt like joining in with the original person.

Last years Subway Dance Party:

The mission will baffle thousands of subway riders, and gives everyone a chance to fulfill there OTHER lifetime dream (the first was riding the subway with no pants), dancing on the subway!