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Some Links…

November 3rd, 2009

As Improv in Toronto continues to grow in size, we continue to place our “footprint” across the internet. For your ease, I’ve brought all our important links together in this one post:

Facebook - We post all of our big events on facebook, so if you’ve yet to join our group, you’re missing out. The group is slowly nearing a huge milestone, only 100 people away from 3,000 members!

YouTube - The first place our videos will always pop up is our youtube channel, so it’s definitely something you want to keep tabs on. It’s also only 100 subscribers away from 500, so help us out and subscribe!

Twitter - If your someone who uses twitter, than you have no reason not to follow us. Our twitter is the first place to hear any and all news regarding IT.

Mailing List - One of the most important features of Improv in Toronto, so if you havn’t signed up for it yet, do so now. We send out emails about ALL of our upcoming missions here, and can notify you when the blog has been updated.

Flikr - If you are someone who comes out to our events, and takes pictures, be sure to upload them all to our Flikr group. By doing so, you have a good chance they may be featured on our blog!

Vimeo - Not quite as important as our youtube channel, but this is the other video upload site we use. Very good for watching our HD Videos, as well as ones that can’t be put on youtube because of copyright music.

Wikipedia - Not the most interesting page about us currently, but you’re welcome to edit it for us to make it really cool!

Urban Prankster Group - The very beginnings of our whole organization came from here. Feel free to join up, and discuss possible missions you think we should run!

Paypal - If you ever have a couple extra dollars, than give us a thought. Being a completely volunteer based organization makes it difficult to keep running many of our larger and more expensive missions.


  1. November 3rd, 2009 at 23:57 | #1

    Great! Now its easier to stalk you guys! Awesome.

  2. December 8th, 2009 at 16:13 | #2

    Прямо в точку. Здесь наиболее полно раскрыты все аспекты этого вопроса, что достаточно большая редкость.

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