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Protest Against Protests

March 10th, 2010

Improv in Toronto heading a protest against protests, with petitions against petitions, and chants against chants. Lets change the world!

The video from our last protest:

This is protest is all in fun, and should not be taken seriously. We’re out to bring some smiles to some unsuspecting strangers. But that doesn’t mean we will be breaking character. As far as anyone is concerned, we are completely serious about this issue!

When: Saturday, April 3 at 3pm
Where: Queens Park in front of the giant horseman statue
Bring: A sign with a clever phrase written on it!

Requirements For Participation:
1) Willing to protest a cause in front of strangers
2) Able to use improv to pretend you are actually serious

We will be initially meeting in Queens Park to get ready, and go over the actual event. Hopefully we’ll be able to brainstorm some more chants, and anyone who doesn’t have a sign yet can get ready.

Once all equipped we’ll be walking over to the corner of the Royal Ontario Museum. This is one of the most popular locations in Toronto for protests, and we’ll be staking out the corner.

Be prepared to have all sorts of reactions. From disbelief to joy. It’s going to be blast though.

*Lets start brainstorming some phrases for signs and chants in the comments guys! Should we be representing some organization?

Completed Missions

Upcoming Events

March 6th, 2010

Improv in Toronto has a good number of events planned over the next couple months. We hope you can make it out to as many as possible, they’re are going to be a blast!

April 3 - Protest Against Protests

April 24 - Toront0-wide Scavenger Hunt

June 5 - 4th Annual Subway Dance Party*

July 3 - 2nd Annual Free Hugs Day!*

*more details coming soon

Also we have a couple smaller events planned for in between these dates. One may or may not be a musical! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you will always be the first to hear the news!

Completed Missions