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Scavenger Hunt Team Results and Comments!

April 25th, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a fantastic time running the event, and we truly hope you enjoyed yourselves. Like all events, we had our share of problems (To name a few: running out of lists, no megaphone, long lines) but we worked through them and have learned our lesson. Be ready this time next year, for an even bigger, wilder and crazier scavenger hunt.

The event had an amazing turnout, with a huge range of ages participating. And more importantly, everyone competed with vigor and enthusiasm, which made it all the more exciting. It also helped having beautiful weather, awesome participants, and eager helpful store employees (The guy at the apple store must have handed out over 60 business cards!)

And a big congratulations to our top four teams:

1. Random People - 1375

2. Joes - 1340

3. Scram - 1320

3. International - 1320

The pressure is now on for them to keep their title next year.

Feel free to continue below, to check your own teams scores.
And please leave a comment at the bottom, about any fun exciting experience you may have had during the day!

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Toronto-wide Scavenger Hunt

April 5th, 2010

Everyone is invited to participate in an all out, team oriented, Toronto-wide Scavenger Hunt. The event will take place at 3:00 PM on Saturday, April 24. Everything you need to know is below. Please read it carefully!


When: Saturday, April 24 at 3:00 PM, Sharp! (Over by around 6:00)
Where: Meet at Nathan Phillips Square, the north side of the skating rink.
Bring: A backpack, a metropass/tokens, digital camera, and about $10 for certain tasks.
Wear: Durable and comfortable clothing, with running shoes.

Feel free to confirm your attendance on Facebook, here.

How it works:

We will be meeting up at Nathan Phillips Square at 3pm. Please be on time. Feel free to be early.

After going over the basics of the event, we will be creating teams (with team names!) Each team will be made up of between 6-8 people. If you come alone, we’ll be sure to find you a group, and if you come with friends, don’t worry you can stay with them!

Once everyone is divided into teams, the scavenger lists will be handed out. The list will contain tons of items found in the downtown core of Toronto. Some are physical items you will need to find, others will be pieces of information, and some might even involve tasks.

Depending on the difficulty of the items on the list, they will all have been awarded point totals. The harder they are to find, the more points they will be worth.

After two hours of searching, we will be meeting back up at Nathan Phillips Square to tally the points!

The teams with the best scores get prizes! So go all out to win this!

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