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Upcoming Event: Gifts for Strangers

November 16th, 2010

With the holidays quickly approaching, generally we become centered on spending money and time on the people we know. Time to switch that up. We`re going to ask you to put some time into brightening
a strangers day. Because not everyone has that family member or friend to go to during the holiday season.

The idea of the mission is simple.


We ask you to either make gifts or buy some affordable presents. Spend whatever you think is reasonable ($1 items are fine!), or just make the gifts yourself! The more important part, is thinking about what type of gift would make you smile, and bringing that to life. Whether it is a some art you make, a yo-yo, candy canes, etc! Be creative, but make it personal! Then wrap each present individually!

Along with these gifts, we ask you write cards. Write a heart-felt message. Something honest and open. Maybe explain the present, wish them a happy holidays. And sign it.

Make as many gifts as you like. And keep track of what is in each one. So that you can hand it out to the right age/gender/type of person.


When: 3pm, December 18th
Where: Meeting at Nathan Phillips Square
What happens: Unlike our other exciting events, we`ll basically just be hanging out. Roaming the streets, giving the gifts out to people who seem to need it. Maybe having some hot chocolate!


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